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In December of 2009, mcsportzhawk was born.  I would frequently play video games like Call of Duty and wonder how to achieve certain quests in the games.  YouTube had a vast selection of video tutorials on how to rank up in Call of Duty, so I often watched those videos for advice.  After a few months of watching, I asked myself, “Why not me?”  

My first video was a tutorial on how to get a nuke in Modern Warfare 2.  Let me tell you, it was BAD.  I used my dad’s camera to record my screen and had the most pitiful commentary of all time.  However, it was the beginning of something that has completely changed my life.

Since then I’ve had 6 amazing years of creating videos for my AMAZING audience, who I like to call the ‘Hawkz’. We’ve had ours ups and downs, trials and tribulations, for sure, but I cannot tell you how thankful I am for my viewers.  I play a lot of mobile games and my favorite game is the Call of Duty: Zombies series by Treyarch.  

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