Matt Cobuzio

YouTuber // Filmmaker // Entrepenuer

Matt Cobuzio is an accomplished YouTube personality, avid drone photographer, highly experienced videographer, and a social media influencer.

Cobuzio has been creating content on YouTube since 2009.  With over 700,000 subscribers and 130+ million views, he has garnered an audience for both his creative ability and unique personality.  On his main YouTube channel, he goes by the name mcsportzhawk which mainly covers video games and mobile games.

In early 2014, Cobuzio started a YouTube network with a few of his colleagues.  This MCN (multi-channel network) aims to help other content creators get the best advice, monetization, and experience in their quests. Ryse Media has since concluded, but provided tools and monetization to a network of 600+ partners to help them achieve their goals.

In 2015, Cobuzio took his professional knowledge of the online space and started teaching others.  He currently instructs his online YouTube education course Tube Torque which aims to help new YouTubers grow their fan base for their video content. As Cobuzio explains, “Over the past few years I’ve had hundreds of fans, YouTubers, and content creators reach out to me for advice on growing their channels. At first, I started doing one to one consulting, but soon realized I couldn’t help everyone I wanted to. I started exploring  and realized that a lot of the people who are teaching YouTube aren’t qualified to do so.  I then decided the best way to scale my impact was to create an online course called Tube Torque.”

Since finding success as a content creator on YouTube, Matt has gone on to explore other passions of his.  In late 2015, Cobuzio joined forces with his brother Michael Cobuzio to form Slightly Above Average Productions — a small team of visionaries who specialize in videography and photography.  Through this venture, Cobuzio has been able to utilize his skills with aerial cinematics to produce stunning shots and creative campaigns for clients.

Through the years and various ventures, Cobuzio has built a considerable social following on platforms aside from YouTube.  He is a social media influencer with over 75,000 followers between his Twitter and Instagram communities.